Friday, 11 January 2008


Gardeners and Garden Designers alike all seem to be obsessed by mulch. It is common practice to protect and enrich the soil with Organic mulch (such as leaf mould and compost) but when you are planning a large scale garden project it can be hard to source large enough quantities for the job at hand.

Strulch is a garden mulch made from wheat straw for organic gardening that is set to revolutionise the way environmentally conscious gardeners garden!

Available in the UK from The Organic Gardening Catalogue at £6.99 per 100ml bag (will cover 3 sqm) or in quantity from Garden Boutique for £169.95 for 25 x the larger 150ml bags (will cover 112 sqm)

A patented process is used to ‘preserve’ the straw so that it lasts for up to two years and gives an earthy brown colour. It has been demonstrated to reduce weed growth by 95%, retain moisture around the plants and to enrich the soil and its structure - but most importantly of all, it is PH neutral

Inhibits weed germination and growth by blocking out light.
The mineralisation process inhibits the rate at which the straw breaks down and depending on the application rate and local conditions, can act as an effective barrier to light for up to two years, stopping weeds growing and reducing the need for you to weed.

Reduces the need for watering in dry periods.

Mulching is good gardening practice because it provides a protective covering for the soil. Strulch assists in the retention of soil moisture so that nutrients are more easily absorbed by plant roots and also protect roots from heat stress.

Plants are stronger and healthier as a result and you don't need to spend as much time watering or weeding. What's more your garden can grow beautifully without the need to water whilst your neighbours suffer in the drought!

Enriching Soil Structure
Strulch is biodegradable and will break down over time, adding valuable organic matter and nutrients to enrich your soil, improve drainage and make your plants grow healthily.
It also encourages earthworm activity by acting as a long term food source for surface feeding species, which makes your soil even better.

Eco friendly
Made from renewable, local resources which do not harm the environment - I think Strulch is going to be one of hot products of 2008...

Currently in use at The Eden Project, RHS Harlow Carr, RHS Wisley, Ness Botanic Gardens, The Alnwick Garden

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