Thursday 5 March 2009

box-bunnies for a spring windowbox

In celebration of spring, my sister has planted up this amusing windowbox tableaux of topiary bunnies in a field of yellow 'tete-a-tete' daffodils.

The box bunnies are still filling out their topiary frame, but are growing at such a rate that they will be mature by Easter, when the plan is the replace the faded daffodils with dwarf tulips and then parmex carrots (the short fat ones that are great for growing in windowboxes)

Image courtesy of
who have conducted a trial of the best carrots to grow in pots.

If you are wary of box blight, teucrium x lucidrys is a great alternative for potagers and parterres. We are planting a whole estate in Nottinghamshire with teucrium instead of box, as it clips well, stays small and dense - and is very hardy.

At the moment, the groups of bunnies are happily in pairs whilst a lone topiary squirrel is ostracized on the end of the scheme. I am threatening to replant it with Berberis, as I think a red squirrel might gain a higher place in her affections...

I will post more pictures throughout the year as it develops.

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