Tuesday, 22 July 2008


I came across the brilliant 'Grow your own' Greenhouse at the 2008 RCA Design Products graduation show...

The Greenhouse is a complete, hassle free and self-sufficient growing system for small city gardens and roof terraces.

As the designer Jochem Faudet explains:

'Food is one of our most basic needs, but in western society the knowledge of growing fruit and vegetables in your own garden is no longer a part of everyday live. There are many reasons why people do not grow their own vegetables, often due to a shortage of time, lack of space and the effort needed to learn the skills to grow your own food not being seen as worthwhile. On the other hand there are so many advantages to growing your own vegetables, a delicious and intense taste compared to supermarket vegetables, the enjoyment of watching your own plants growing, the money it saves, and the reassuring knowledge of self-sufficiency.'

The fantastic thing about this 'This Grow Your Own' is that although it is comparable with a small greenhouse, it is actually very different... It comes as a complete hassle free self-sufficient system, including a watering system, ventilation, temperature control, shading, allowance for different pot sizes and even the relevant garden tools. For example it collects and stores its own rainwater and has an automatic pump for daily distribution of water.

With the growing chest going on a holiday or having a busy life is no longer a reason not to grow your own. Brilliant, Just Brilliant.

Materials used:
Canadian Red Cedar, Perspex, Rotation Molded Watertank, Waterpump, Watering timer

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